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Beautiful Foshan, the way forward
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Beautiful Foshan, the way forward


  Beautiful Foshan, the way forward  

  Enjoy the scenery along the road, with the footsteps of the beautiful Foshan!  


  Shining with warm sunlight in March 26th,  such a beautiful day in March,  “Micro Civilization- Pure Life “ 2016 Public 50km Hiking Activity grandly kicked off in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China. Nearly 200,000 people took part in this city party, from 5 districts of Foshan, concentrating at terminus Foshan Century Lotus Sports Center, such the scale of hiking activity in our country is also the first.  




  Our team --- Foshan Liliang Industrial Co; Ltd, we would like to take this opportunity to reform our strong support for our located city Foshan, an international city full of energy, very closely Guangzhou, which is one of the biggest trade centers in China. To face the competition of this long journey, everyone was exciting, everyone was awaiting !  



  The blue sky, along with a long road. Despite the hardship, we still talking and laughing, enjoying the fresh air and the scenery along the way. Although it’s very tired, but we did not give up. Because there is a words called ”Where there is a will, there is a way.” We must persevere and reach the end !  

   During the hiking, we also took photos to record the great time.


  On the riverbank, we sat side by side, pointed to the same direction. As we always work together towards the same goal. Believe that no difficulty can hinder us.  




  With the sun setting down and the night coming, we finally arrived the last station Foshan Century Lotus Sports Center. It’s awesome that there are at least 20 thousands people at the end ! It’s very proud that we are one of them !
   Congratualtions on our victory of will-power over fatigue, the same goes for our work, the harder we do, the more successful we get!