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SLL-1X Saladette table
    发布时间: 2014-01-07 23:24    
Saladette table Saladette table Stainless steel304 Fan cooling With cover and trays Temperature: 0-10 C
SLL-1X  Saladette table

Saladette table

Model No.

Dimension (L X W X H) MM

Capacity (L)

Temperature ( C)

Power (KW)

SLL-1X  800*760*1050 250 0-10 0.150


  1. Temperature: 0 to 10 C. Temperature can be changed as customer’s requirement.
  2. Material: Made of stainless steel.
  3. Door with seal self-closing: Solid door: stainless steel with high density in foam and polyurethane insulation inside
  4. Shelves: Adjustable heavy duty and PVC wire shelves. Shelf for placing G/N pans can be removed for cleaning
  5. With trays and cover for food preservation.
  6. Lights: Built in lights with integrated lighting system.
  7. Cooling system: With high efficiency compressor and evaporator. With automatic defrosting system.
  8. Refrigerant: R134a (CFC free) Salad preparation table