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JD150 Cube Ice maker
    发布时间: 2010-06-24 16:17    
Cube Ice maker  Flowing water mode ice machines produce more ice than machines of the same kind by more than 10%.  Advanced noise reduction technology is adopted, which can reduce the working noise of ice machines by more than 15%
JD150 Cube Ice maker

Cube Ice maker

ModelDimension(L*W*H)Daily Production(kg/pound)Bin Capacity(kg)Voltage(V)Power(W)Condensing UnitRefrigeration System
JD50460*540*650mm22/5018220330built-inair cooled
JD80460*540*650mm40/8818220500built-inair cooled
JD128460*540*700mm58/12820220550built-inair cooled
JD150600*612*910mm68/15050220580built-inair cooled
JD200600*612*970mm90/20050220620built-inair cooled
JD300600*612*1000mm136/30050220730built-inair cooled
JD500760*820*1580mm227/500180220850separateair cooled/water cooled
JD700760*820*1680mm318/7001802201300separateair cooled/water cooled
JD10001220*820*1680mm454/1000180220/3801650separateair cooled/water cooled
JD15001220*820*1680mm680/1500450220/3803050separateair cooled/water cooled
JD22001420*1420*1680mm1000/2200450220/3803780separateair cooled/water cooled
  • The air pre-strainer is easy to clean and can extend the service life of machines.

  • High-quality stainless steel and ABS engineering plastics are used, contributing to attractive, strong and suitable appearance.

  • They are food-grade ice machines, having passed CE certification in Europe.  

  • The main features of the above model are as follows: voltage—— 220 v; frequency——50 Hz; single phase; test condition of daily ice making capacity: room temperature——27°C, water temperature——15°C; M signifies cube ice; S signifies semi-cube ice; L signifies large cube ice.