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JF-800 Flake Ice Maker
    发布时间: 2010-06-24 16:17    
Flake Ice Maker  Rotary extrusion ice making method can save you from deicing process, which contributes to time saving and energy conservation. Manufacturing cost of fragment ice amounts to 50% of that of cube ice; manufacturing cost of nugget ice amounts to 65% of that of cube ice.
JF-800 Flake Ice Maker

Flake Ice Maker

ModelDimension(L*W*H)Daily Production(kg/pound)Bin Capacity(kg)Voltage(V)Power(W)Condensing UnitRefrigeration System
JF-150460*680*650mm68/15020220600built-inair cooled
JF-250600*750*910mm110/25050220660built-inair cooled
JF-450600*750*1000mm205/45050220820built-in air cooled
JF-800760*820*1580mm363/8001802201150separateair cooled/water cooled
JF-1200760*820*1580mm545/12001802201320separateair cooled/water cooled


  • LED Lamp control can help to conduct control, inspection and fault diagnosis of operation state of complete machines, and will be displayed as a text screen while at rest.

  • automaticcontrolsystem can ensure automaticoperation and automaticdetection of machines and enhance the machine stability and maintenance convenience.

  • Fragment ice cakes and nugget ice cakes are exquisite and compact, which can go deep into the fine gaps and obtain a rapid cooling, and also contribute to mellow taste for easy chewing.

  • Depth of refrigerator-structured ice machines is the same with that of kitchen refrigerators, creating a tidy layout of kitchen equipment and the table board can serve as a working table.

  • The ice skate blades imported with original packaging from Italy can ensure a stable operation of complete machines, improve ice output speed and extend service life.

  • Frontal air suction and frontal exhaust device can ensure normal operation even in compact space or high temperature environment.

Application fields of flake ice machine:

Fishery: Seawater flake ice machine can be installed on fishing boats and make ice of seawater. The salvaged seafood could be fast cooled and kept fresh. Fishery is the main application field of flake ice machine in the world.

 Aquatic product processing: Flake ice machine could lower the temperature of processing medium, washing water and aquatic product so as to prevent bacteria from growing and retain the freshness during processing.

Foodstuff processing: Say stir or second time adds butter on bread, using flake ice is to fast cool to prevent ferment.

Poultry meat processing: The poultry meat will produce tremendous heat during processing, so the flake ice could be used to cool poultry meat and also adjust product moisture to improve quality.

Vegetable dispatching and preservation: Currently, physical methods are used more in product dispatching for the foodstuff security of vegetables, fruits, meats and so on. The flake ice have fast cooling effect and could create low temperature and high moisture environment, so as to ensure vegetables not be infected by bacteria.

Medical industry: In many biosynthesis and chemosynthesis experiments, it is necessary to add a great lot ice to control action speed and retain activity of organism. Flake ice is the idea cooling medium in this industry because of its sanitation and fast cooling speed features.

Concrete cooling: Flake ice could be used as water source of concrete stir, maximum proportion 80% and realize the effect of high efficiency and easy control. The concrete stirred under constant temperature will not crack as physical deformation caused by temperature so as to ensure the engineering quality and safety. In worldwide scope, flake ice concrete cooling system is widely applied in projects of high quality large-scale engineering like large-scale dam, high grade motorway, high-rise building and nuclear power plant construction, etc.