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JF-150 Flake Ice Maker
    发布时间: 2010-06-24 16:17    
Flake Ice Maker  Rotary extrusion ice making method can save you from deicing process, which contributes to time saving and energy conservation. Manufacturing cost of fragment ice amounts to 50% of that of cube ice; manufacturing cost of nugget ice amounts to 65% of that of cube ice.  
JF-150 Flake Ice Maker

Flake Ice Maker

stainless steel lamella airframe, The  small in size to make ice to have great capacity.

The in keeping with small scaled kitchen & eatery use.


ModelDimension(L*W*H)Daily Production(kg/pound)Bin Capacity(kg)Voltage(V)Power(W)Condensing UnitRefrigeration System
JF-150460*680*650mm68/15020110/220600buit-inair cooled
JF-250600*750*910mm110/25050110/220660buit-inair cooled
JF-450600*750*1000mm205/45050110/220820buit-in air cooled
JF-800760*820*1580mm363/800180110/2201150separateair cooled/water cooled
JF-1200760*820*1580mm545/1200180110/2201320separateair cooled/water cooled