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Ice Merchandiser DC-380
    发布时间: 2010-06-24 15:52    
Solid core doors Ice Merchandiser painted galvanized  Polyurethane foam  SUS ro aluminum convex door  Automatic defrost 
Ice Merchandiser DC-380

Solid core doors Ice Merchandiser
*Material: Painted galvanized steel foamed in polyurethane insultation

*Temperature: -5~-15 C

*Compressor: ASPERA

*Refrigerant: R134a CFC free

*Automatic defrost and cold wall refrigeration system

*Ice storage bin with digital temperature control

* handle, easy to open and bring out ice, convenient handle for operation

* door with gasket for good seal.

* can paste your company logo sticker on the  ICE Storage Bin top &two sides

No. of Doors 1


Bags (8 lbs.) 120
Dimension 48*35*72(inch)
1220 x 889x 1829(mm)
Solid Door

27w X 27 h(inch)


Cold Wall Wt 335
Auto Def Wt 340
Compressor 1/4 hp
Cold Wall Amperage 4.5
Auto Def. Amperage 4.8