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Glass with Heating Film Vitrine Utilise Gelato Freezer
    发布时间: 2017-03-14 10:25    
WDY-1.2 Gelato Freezer
Glass with Heating Film Vitrine Utilise Gelato Freezer

Glass with Heating Film Vitrine Utilise Gelato Freezer

1. More than 16 plates, double compressor unit, adopting original Danfoss or ASPERA brand
Under 16 plates, single compressor unit, energy saving, ultra-quiet stable operation.
2. Microcomputer intelligent temperature control technology, indicate inside temperature.
3. Air cooling circulation, thicken copper cube cooling system, durable use.
4. Arc/curved glass, 3-layer glass and it is hollow between each 2 layers, invisible thermal fuse, automatic defrogging, excellent display effect.
5. Transparent insulation side glass, environmental insulation material for whole structure, eco-friendly and energy-saving.
6. Hollow glass transparent sliding door , insulation glass, aluminum material for all-round rail,luxurious and durable design.
7. T5 water-proof LED light for each layer. Standard warm light colour or optional color for customer, safe and reliable.
8. -18~-24 degree C temperature range, adjustable temperature for customer’s real need.


Model Name Dimesion(L*W*H)(mm) Temp Refrigerant Capacity(L) Pansize(L*W*H)(mm) Pan Voltage
WDY-1.2 Ice cream showcase 1280*1140*1340 -22℃ R404A 380 325*176*100 12 220V-240V   /110V-140V
WDY-1.5 Ice cream showcase 1630*1140*1340 -22℃ R404A 480 325*176*100 16 220V-240V   /110V-140V
WDY-1.8 Ice cream showcase 1980*1140*1340 -22℃ R404A 580 325*176*100 20 220V-240V   /110V-140V