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1500mm ice maker machine bar workbench
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1500mm ice maker machine bar workbench  1) Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintation.   2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.   3) Fast ice making, energy saving, anti-corrosion.  4) It use microcomputer automatic control system,more saft and stable.  5) It adopts advanced high and low pressure system, which have the function of self-checking,warning and automatic protection function.

1500mm ice maker machine bar workbench


  • LED Lamp control can help to conduct control, inspection and fault diagnosis of operation state of complete machines, and will be displayed as a text screen while at rest.

  • automaticcontrolsystem can ensure automaticoperation and automaticdetection of machines and enhance the machine stability and maintenance convenience.

  • Fragment ice cakes and nugget ice cakes are exquisite and compact, which can go deep into the fine gaps and obtain a rapid cooling, and also contribute to mellow taste for easy chewing.

  • Depth of refrigerator-structured ice machines is the same with that of kitchen refrigerators, creating a tidy layout of kitchen equipment and the table board can serve as a working table.

  • The ice skate bladeimported with original packaging from Italy can ensure a stable operation of complete machines, improve ice output speed and extend service life.

  • Frontal air suction and frontal exhaust device can ensure normal operation even in compact space or high temperature environment.

ModelDimensions(mm)Max daily productionVoltageConsumptionColding wayRefrigerantStorage bin capacity
CZT1.5-200P 1500*760(660)*800 90kg/24h 220V/110V 425W Air cooling R404A 28kg/70kg
CZT1.5-300P 1500*760(660)*800 136kg/24h 220V/110V 550W Air cooling R404A 28kg/70kg

Main Characteristic for Ice machine bar work station with ice maker