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PB-0.52L3 Pizza Preparation Table
    发布时间: 2014-01-08 00:29    
Pizza Preparation Table  Stainless steel304 Fan cooling With cover and trays Temperature:-5~+10 C
PB-0.52L3  Pizza Preparation Table

Pizza Preparation Table

Model No.

Dimension  (L X W X H) MM

Capacity (L)

Temperature       (º C)

Power (KW)






1. Stable and durable outside body made from more than 1mm thick stainless steel.

2. Convenient operation through air-pressurized automatic top lid closure.

3. Doors with automatic magnetic closure.

4. This design highly facilitates easy cleaning of oily and other substances.

5. Compressors for a maximally efficient cooling with lowest possible energy consumption and  noise.

6. Microprocessor controlled temperature with digital read-out and easy settings of temperature and range.