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Gao Hucheng Takes Questions from the Media Regarding Commercial Work
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On December 27, during the National Conference on Commercial Work, Mr. Gao Hucheng, Minister of Commerce of PRC offered an interview to media on the overall situation of commercial work. Journalist: Minister Gao, what highlights do you think the commercial work of 2013 has?

Gao Hucheng:the economic situation of 2013 is complicated both domestically and internationally, with many uncertainties. In face of the complex and changeable international and domestic environment, we exploited and innovated, worked steadily, and relieved the development energy through institutional innovation and transformation of functions of governmentsaccording to the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. We have also taken a series of measures to encourage the expansion of domestic consumption and the transformation of development of foreign trade, which have gained favorable results. The expected goals of commercial development are basically realized, which made positive contributions to the improvement of people's well-being and development of national economy. It is expected that the total retail sales of social consumer goods this year would reached RMB23.8 trillion, going up by 13% year-on-year. Import and export achieved significant results, and will exceed USD 4 trillion for the first time this year, a growth rate over 7%. Especially, the proportion of our export in the global market will still rise. The growth rates of import and export were slower compared with that of China in the previous dozen years. However, when compared with that of developed countries and emerging economies, our foreign trade growth is still high. Amidthe fierce competition for attracting international capital, China's market is still favored by foreign investment. The utilization of foreign investment this year will be about USD 117 billion, and expected to grow by about 5%. Besides, as a highlight of international economic cooperation in recent years, China's investment abroad this year still grow at a high level of about 15%. The non-financial investment abroad is expected to reach nearly USD 90 billion. At the same time, China's discourse power and influence in internationaleconomic and trade affairs are further improved. All in all, in the context ofsluggish recovery of global economy, China's achievements in terms of domestic trade, foreign trade and international economic cooperation is hard-earned.
 Journalist: You have said in your report that, in the upcoming 2014, we are still facing arduous tasks, and will carry forward a series of reform and new measures. Could you please give us a specificintroduction and analyze the development prospect?
 Gao Hucheng:Commercial work is totally connected with China's economy, both for international and domestic market. For domestic market, the key work the next year is to improve the market environment, especiallythe environment for domestic trade and circulation. Measures thatareconducive to promotion of the legalization of business environment are required to be formulated and issued after study to expand consumption. We should strengthen plans of governments at all levels for circulation, and increase public investment to improve people's well-being and expand consumption. The development of emerging industries is encouraged, such as e-commerce and online shopping. Standardization of market management order, fight against infringement and counterfeit, and reinforcement of the establishment of credibility system of enterprises in circulation field are required, and it is necessary to, through a series of measures, advance the stable growth of consumption demands, especially demands for agricultural products and those related to the livelihood of the common people. At the same time, we will further strengthen the popularization and support to encourage the growth of industrial consumer goods such as new-type intelligent household appliance and energy conservation and environmental protection products.
 In general, we are optimistic to the growth of domestic consumption next year. The one important reason is the stable growth of urban resident income. The other important reason is that our domestic demands is now in the transformation period, transforming from industrial demands to consumption and service demands. Especially, the demand for service consumption is expanding, which is closely related to China's age structure of population and social structure. This administration makes efforts to deepen reform and expand opening-up in the service field, further streamline administration and delegate power to the lower levels, further transform the function of the government, and further relieve the dynamic and bonus of institution and reform so as to further stimulate and improve domestic consumer demands.
 Foreign economy and trade covers many aspects. China is undoubtedly a large trade country in import and export, and the work next is how to further drive the transformation and upgrading of