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Blast Freezer F2
    发布时间: 2014-12-26 15:46    
Blast Freezer F2 Stailess steel 304 It can bring A food capacity of 60Kg from +70C to -35C in 2 hours Double trolleys  CE&ROHS
Blast Freezer F2
Blast Freezer 

1.All in stainless steel 304 in both sides , exterior 1.0 mm thick , interior 0.8 mm thick

2. it can bring A food capacity of 120Kg from +70 °C to -35°C in 2 hours

3.designed to fit  52 trays 60x40 (two trolleys of 26trays)

4.exterior size : 1280*1430*2200MM

5. insulation panel : 120mm

6. compressor : TECUMSEH/Copeland

7.gas : R404a  380V/50HZ